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For those of you who would like to do some easier off-road cycling, we have Cross Country bikes for hire. And for those who would like to explore the area by car, the hiking trails listed below can also help. 


  1. Alsóbogát – Somogyvámos – Somogyvár – Alsóbogát (32 km)
    – In Somogyvámos, the Krishna Valley Cultural Centre and Biofarm, on 260 hectares, offers visitors beautiful sights and new experiences. The ornamental lakes, groves and arboretums are home to hundreds of plant and animal species.
  2. Alsóbogát – Somogygeszti – Polány – Felsőmocsolád – Igal (63km)
    – In Somogygeszti you can find the Jankovich-Bésán castle, built in 1823 in the classicist style. It is surrounded by a seven-hectare park, which is a nature reserve.
  3. Alsóbogát – Várda – Deseda – Kaposvár (~48 km)
    The exhibition at the Szász Mansion in várda is both a cultural and an artisan’s speciality. It presents a selection of the oeuvre of the world-famous painter Endre Szász, who died in 2003. The exhibition will showcase the unique designs that made Endre Szász’s mark in the porcelain, crystal and carpet industries. Visitors can even see the artist’s hand on special stamps.- Deseda: the lake is 8 km long and 26 km in circumference, making it Hungary’s longest artificial lake. A great brand new cycle path takes you around the water surface. The surrounding area has been declared an environmental protection area, part of it is an arboretum! 

    – The Virágfürdő in Kaposvár offers visitors saunas, slides, swimming pool and beach services.

A few kilometers from Alsóbogát, in Somogyjád, St. John’s Riding Stables is the perfect place for our guests who love horse riding. Children who are complete beginners can get acquainted with the world of horses on a pony, while more experienced riders can take part in cross-country rides, and the range of services extends to competition riding.


Our partner will be dropped off at the castle park and take off from there. The landing location depends on the wind conditions, providing a transfer to the starting point. The package includes a 4-hour programme, of which the flight takes 2-3 hours. After landing, champagne and certificates will be handed out.

Maximum 18 persons + pilot per trip.


Off – road track in Somogybabod:

Orienteering Off Road Trophy: along the route of the international trophy, participants will search for control points in specially prepared race cars, with the help of an itinerary, map and compass, competing with another in difficult terrain conditions. In a car, there are 2 or 3 drivers (navigators) in addition to the driver, who also assists in rescuing a stuck car. The cars are driven separately.

– Expedition Tour: in the spirit of African expeditions, the participants travel in convoys and tackle combined terrain challenges together. The specially prepared cars can carry 2-3 people in addition to the driver.

– Self-drive: all guests can drive the off-road vehicles on designated tracks. First, professional off-road instructors give off-road driving training, then everyone drives the cars independently. On tracks of varying difficulty, everyone can drive to the level of their own courage and driving ability.


The shooting range in the neighboring village is an excellent recreation for our guests who love shooting and weapons. There is disc shooting, hunter simulation, precision shooting and personalized shooting packages. An experience for ladies and gentlemen alike! 

The adventure park on Bodrog is a real treat: within one estate you can try paintball, laser shooting, the escape room experience and off-road racing in huge off-road vehicles.

But what makes it really special is: imagine a restored German submarine, currently functioning as an escape room, which will rise or sink depending on the success of the tasks… an exciting and memorable experience for all participants.

What started as a research programme, the closed-area game farm has grown into one of the largest herds in Central Europe. Spread over 1300 hectares, the farm is home to more than 1500 roe deer, 300 wild boars, 200 fallow deer, 150 mouflon and around 50 roe deer.

In addition to big game, domestic animals such as Hungarian gray cattle, racka ewes, horses, donkeys, goats and water buffaloes are also reared. Nature lovers will enjoy seeing deer, elk and horses outdoors, walking with them, petting them and getting a glimpse into the lives of the animals…

The Szász Endre Castle Museum is located in Varda, Somogy County. Endre Szász’s legacy can be seen at his former residence, thanks to his widow, Katalin Szászné Hajdu, and the staff of the Public Benefit Association for the Life Work of Endre Szász.

In addition to his life’s work, the castle, which is furnished with pieces from the collection of antique artifacts in their original state, the 6 hectare arboretum-like park with ancient trees and the former studio will also offer visitors to the castle museum an extraordinary experience.

Lake Deseda, 8 km long and 26 km in circumference, is the longest artificial lake in Hungary. There is a great brand new cycle path around the water surface.

The surrounding area has been declared an environmental protection area, part of it is an arboretum and offers great fishing opportunities for fishing enthusiasts.

Hunting can be arranged in small groups for our guests who are enterprising and have a hunting license.

The canopy trail, which is located in Kasos, at a height of about 10 meters, aims to introduce the world of the hornbeam-oak forest of Inner-Somogy. The bridge structure is over 124 meters long and was built using around 200 cubic meters of timber.

The trail also includes resting areas, suspension bridge elements, an invisible trap and interactive panels.

The largest eco-community in Central Europe is located in Somogyvámos, Hungary, on an area of 266 hectares. Everyone has heard of Krishna, and hopefully of the Krishna Valley, but believe me, it’s a must see!

Fantastic culture, incredible solutions, beautiful paintings… and much more! The Krishna Valley is a program not to be missed!

The Zselic Star Park offers unforgettable experiences for all visitors. The lack of artificial lights and low levels of light pollution mean that you can see details of the starry sky with the naked eye that are impossible to observe from any other vantage point.

It is one of the most important museums in Somogy county and in the country, which maintains a permanent exhibition of the works of József Rippl – Rónai based on the lonely collection of Ödön Rippl-Rónai, and also presents other treasures of Somogy county.