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The Inkey family chapel

Chapel Of Saint Antal In Padua

Built by the Inkey family as a domestic chapel in 1850 for their own use and that of their household. They chose as their patron saint Saint Antal of Padua, the patron saint of the poor. The altarpiece of the chapel was painted by Miklós Barabás, one of the most outstanding masters of Hungarian Biedermeier painting. This important work was stolen in 1992, but thanks to a two-year police investigation it was recovered, but unfortunately in a damaged state, as the painting was cut out of the original frame, without Miklós Barabás’s signature.

The restoration was carried out at the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts. The chapel was later renovated, the utilities and alarm system were installed, and the small building was even given decorative lighting and underfloor heating. Only then was the altarpiece returned to its original, dignified and final place.

In the immediate vicinity of the chapel is a folk crucifix, erected in June 2005 by the Németh family in memory of their long years and marriage in the village, as a tribute to the village and its inhabitants.