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Team building
Team building
Team building
Team building
Team building
Team building
Team building
Team building

The VILLABOGArT and Maison BOGArT Guesthouses, the currently dilapidated but under renovation Festetics-Inkey Castle, the adjacent castle park and the vast event spaces are a wonderful venue for training, meetings, team building events, where togetherness and retreat, the tranquility of nature and active movement together provide the perfect escape from the hectic weekdays.

Why choose us?

  • The vintage-style renovated guesthouses, the castle with its cozy interiors, the beautiful park, the Magtár or Veteran Garage combining the latest solar technology with the architecture of the past, provide the perfect venue for relaxation for up to 120 or 200 people,
  • The special radiance and tranquility of the Festetics Castle Park, the proximity to nature and the beautiful fish pond provide a real relaxation,
  • The smaller part of the elongated Veteran’s Garage is a meeting room equipped with all the necessary technical facilities, while the larger area is also a great space for car events;
  • The real Somogy tasty gastronomy (wild stew cooked in a bogrács, cakes made of own fruit, syrups, jams etc.) crowns the experience – all this only 20 minutes away from Lake Balaton, along the road 67, between Balatonlelle and Kaposvár, in the soft hills of Somogy, 1.5 hours away from Budapest.

Our team building offer:

  • An original pig slaughter and pig roast at the foot of a count’s castle! Full day programme with early morning pig slaughter (can be skipped), pig’s breakfast, pálinka, lunch with oryx soup, sausage stuffing and fresh pig’s dinner!
  • Exciting hiking terrain with segways or cross country bikes in the awakening park;
  • Company tennis tournament on our shaded tennis court;
  • Electric go-kart rides in the nearby adventure park;
  • Petting gentle deer in the nearby Bőszénfa;
  • Geocaching and other team-building activities with professional help;
  • Cooking on the spot with open fire, e.g. fish soup, shepherd’s pie, goulash etc., cooking together;
  • Combat driving, escaping from a real submarine, shooting or paintball at the nearby Frontline Adventure Park in Bodrog, just a hop, skip and a jump away;
  • Wine tasting, brandy tasting on site;
  • Billiards tournament; pub quiz;
  • Music, dancing, fun till dawn, no noise and no time limits…

Please note that the property does not have a 24-hour reception.

The prices do not include the tourist tax, which is calculated according to the local government regulation in force at the time. The IFA is payable on the spot for persons over 18 years of age.

Prices include VAT in accordance with the VAT legislation in force.

Wi-fi internet is not available in the area, pets are accepted only by prior arrangement!

Rooms available:

1 room when booking:

apartment in the VILLABOGArT building.

or the Village House 72, 73 or 80;

For 2 rooms:

Maison BOGArT rooms 7 and 8.

For 3 rooms:

Maison BOGArT rooms 1,2,3 or 4, 5, 6

for reservations of 4 or more rooms:

  • VILLABOGArT rooms 6, 7, 8, 9
  • VILLABOGArT room 1,2,3,4,5

There is no wireless internet service in the area, internet access to the telephone network is available.

Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Credit card

Cancellation conditions for events are set out in the confirmation or contract following the offer.